SIL understands the needs of corporate learning be it at the individual, team, or organizational levels. We endeavor not only to make your organization more productive, profitable, and sustainable in the marketplace but also to help you chart ambitious goals and ensure that your people are geared up to take your business into a higher growth trajectory. Employing all the developmental approaches, like training, coaching, counseling, and mentoring, we support you to bring your dreams into reality.

Our effective and tailor-made development solutions address a host of issues ranging from Talent Development, Talent Management, and Organizational Development. Comprising of a combination of online, classroom, and technology-enabled learning solutions, like mobile learning, we help in not only transforming your business and leaders but also to forge the future of your dreams.

At SIL, we look forward to partnering with you in our quest to positively impact your organization’s capability and in turn the society and the country at large.

Program Delivery Methodologies

Benefits of SIL Program Methodologies

  • Address all the learning preferences, be it Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic
  • An engaged audience that takes ownership for its learning
  • Focused attention to your specific business requirements
  • Better and predictable linkage between efforts and results
  • Allows time for the participants to practice and internalize the concepts, thereby enhancing the practicality of inputs
  • Improvement in Knowledge, Skills, Commitment, and Results
  • Brings greater accountability and responsibility for actions and results across levels

our core competencies at sil


Perhaps no other resource is as dynamic, precious, and critical to nurture and develop as Talent. SIL offers Talent Development Solutions, Talent Management, and Organizational Development Consulting specially designed to fulfill talent needs in alignment with your organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values to achieve your organization's goals.

This is achieved through a proprietary and comprehensive organizational effectiveness model, SPLASH®, which impacts –







True motivation stems from achievement and exceeding performance goals. All talent related activities need to be strategic business activities focused on achieving business goals. Keeping this in mind, SIL divides its offerings and solutions into 3 categories as described below.


Our Talent Development Solutions are of two types – Customized, in-company Solutions and Open Solutions (Individual/Company Nomination-based). The objective of Talent Development Solutions is to create a high-performance, sustainable workforce that meets and exceeds the organizational strategic and operational goals and objectives. Specifically for organization-wide talent development objectives, we propose that the organization adopts our proprietary model “FLOAT®”, which covers the entire range from understanding the objectives to testing effectiveness.

FLOAT® Model

Finalize Learning Objectives

Learning Solution Design and Creation

Organize Content

Administer Learning

Test Effectiveness

We classify our Talent Development Solutions into the following 4 categories:


Acquiring as well as retaining talent is a major challenge. If the talent does not see any development, upward journey or recognition, they not only feel demotivated but may also not stay with the organization for long. To fulfill organizational objectives, like creating disciples for your organization’s core ideology, creating champions worth imitating and following, creating an engaged workforce, continuously improving productivity..., you need to take well-thought-out measures through various talent management initiatives.

Our Talent Management Consulting covers –

A. Designing Competency Framework
B. Employee Assessment Centre and Development Centre
C. HI-POTS Identification
D. Career Development Paths
E. Succession Planning
F. Performance Management
G. Employee On-boarding and Induction
H. Stay Interviews
I. Designing Reward and Recognition Processes


Look around and you will see the business landscape undergoing drastic changes in terms of the environments that organizations operate in, client requirements, employee needs, and so on. Concentrating on business returns and at the same time, navigating through the effects of these changes on day-to-day operations and people is no cakewalk.

At SIL, we work with you on your organization structure, culture, and strategies to help your organization evolve to a level where identifying operational issues, negotiating change, and taking action to move towards progress becomes a smooth and regular process. Be it increasing inter-personal trust, employee engagement, managing conflict, or streamlining operations, we work on making your organizational backbone strong yet flexible to withstand the effects of dynamic environments.

Our consultants work with you deeply and help you design these initiatives facilitating your people and talent-related objectives. Talent, thus, is arguably the most decisive catalyst in propelling your organization on the growth trajectory.

The following are our expertise areas:

  • Climate Survey
  • Role-wise Learning Maps
  • Leadership Development Framework
  • Framing Overall L&D Strategy
  • Process & Practices for Talent Management & Development
  • Internal Capability Building through “Train-the-Trainer”


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